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Dr. Santino T.  (Neurologist)

"Christine is extremely gifted and has a genuine talent when it comes to creating an atmosphere that is conducive to healing and revitalization. She helped me significantly to reduce very painful muscle spasms that I was experiencing in my neck. Her loving nature, compassion and empathy are like none I have seen before! A true healer in every sense of the word!"

Maggie R.

"Good Morning My Love! Last night was the most amazing experience I've been part of and I couldn't be more grateful! It's been a rough year for me and my dad's birthday coming up (he past away 22 years ago but still hurts like yesterday) Last night's session was just so intense for me. I didn't really know what to expect and I've never expected to feel the way I feel today! Somehow so fresh, so positive and so happy! My mind is full of happiness!! Your hands last night Christine...I felt a touch of an angel...such a warm loving touch.  Such a warm, loving touch. I can't wait for the next session and a beginning of a new me!

Lynn P. (LCSW)

"I have had the ultimate pleasure of working with Christine Fiora utilizing reiki in different settings. My favorite has been her sessions at The Salt Cave in Glen Cove. She radiates love and kindness. Christine's energy is profoundly strong and healing. Just being in her presence fills me with love and gratitude. I wish I could bottle her energy and have it with me at all times. She's a consummate professional who goes above and beyond for her clients.  Honestly, she is a gift."

Olena C.

"We want to be loved, seen, and held fully as we fully are.  I believe this is a universal goal. Thank you Christine for creating the space for a blessed moment in time - an imprint that will truly last! With your angelic ways being the catalyst, I was transported into a realm of calmness feeling supported in such a beautiful way. Your transparent loving kindness, instinctual healing nature and warmth are unparalleled and are the perfect formula for allowing oneself to let go and just "be." I feel so grateful to have been embraced with such an experience and I wish this gift for everyone! Looking forward to more of your enrichment!"

Maria Gavriel (Business Coach, Speaker, Author & Advocate)

"You held the space for every single one of us Christine. I felt held and supported and safe. I also felt so silly and free. You created an incredible space for all of us, and I believe it was your light shining so brightly that we all were embraced by it in the most loving way. I needed that today. I look forward to having so many more of them with you. You're truly onto something that most of us have forgotten about. Thank you for the opportunity to tap into it again...and for all the clearing it provided. It's helped me for where I am heading. Thank you!

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