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  • Christine Fiora

Celebration and Love Through Dance

My family and I just arrived back from a beautiful trip to Albania. We witnessed an amazing wedding celebration of our dear niece, Anisa and her darling husband, Astrit. During the week long wedding festivities, I witnessed the celebration of love and life through dance.

The urge to dance and participate was infectious as these beautiful souls of all ages raised the vibration on the dance floor. The energy was intense. Through many different rhythms, variations and oh those heart pounding, exhilarating drum beats, the expression of feelings and emotions conveyed a loving message to my soul.

As each individual danced with their arms wide open, there was an exchange of pure LOVE and CELEBRATION. Their hearts were open to receive and they exhibited such pride, joy, playfulness, silliness, happiness, wildness, flirtatiousness, connection, unity, honor and support. Through the smiles, the tears, those warm embraces and kisses, each individual's truth surfaced. The dance floor morphed into a place where each person was able to listen and give shape to what was within them. So natural and fluid.

The expressions, the release & the healing.

Everyone is a dancer. Each of us has a dance within us that can only be danced by us and us alone.

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